“What is lawful is not binding only on some and not binding on others. Lawfulness extends everywhere, through the wide-ruling air and the boundless light of the sky.” – Empedocles

Pelor is the god of light, the god of all that is good. Pelor has dedicated his existence to the good of all that there is. Pelor does not wish to fool us, as the Trickster does, or walk us down a stray path, as the Reaper would. We must dedicate our lives to a state of Pelor and we will be rewarded by him for our dedication to the good. Our state believes in Pelor, dedicates itself to Pelor, and in forming this state have paid him the highest respect man can pay. Those who wish to worship other gods can, falsely, but they must adhere to our rules and our laws. Our laws have been made by the good of Pelor and following such laws will lead to the greatest good man can achieve!

- King Edmund III

The Light of Law

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